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Delta Defense, LLC provides sales, marketing, operations and administrative support services to the USCCA and is a licensed insurance agency in all 50 states and the District of Columbia with its principal office in West Bend, WI. Delta Defense, LLC does business as Delta Defense Insurance Services in California. CA License #0M34093.

Self-Defense Liability Policy*

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Documents applicable to claims made and reported, or
incidents that occurred and were reported on or after June 5, 2024

USCCA Membership Agreement

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True Story From a USCCA Member

Innocent Man Charged With MURDER – Here’s How We Helped Him out [Surveillance Footage]

He was simply doing his job as a concert promoter, but a dispute over $900 escalated quickly and Jacouri’s life was immediately endangered. He was punched in the face, then heard the aggressor shout, “Shoot! Shoot! Don’t let him leave!” as a second attacker closed in on him. His training and instincts kicked in, and he was able to get out alive, but then the fight for his survival began yet again … this time, with the justice system!


Delta Defense’s Customer Engagement Team is here to assist you and answer all your questions
about USCCA Membership: 1-800-674-9779

* Insurance has been purchased by the USCCA and is one of the benefits of membership in the USCCA. USCCA Members are additional insureds under a policy issued to the USCCA by Universal Fire and Casualty Insurance Company, an insurance company with its principal place of business in Hudsonville, MI. Coverage and benefits are subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the insurance policy. Information provided herein is for informational purposes and is not intended to be a representation of coverage that may exist in any particular situation. Contact Delta Defense's Customer Engagement Team at 1-800-674-9779 with any questions.