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We hire rockstars.
And Help them rock even harder.

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We Are Delta Defense.

We provide education, training and self-defense legal protection for responsible gun owners through the USCCA.

It’s not just a buzzword: Around here, we’re fiercely protective of our culture. We’re more than a workplace, we’re a family. 

We’re making waves in the firearms and self-defense industries, and rapidly becoming a household name. USCCA is an unstoppable force for the good guys.

We don’t shy away from giving back. West Bend is our home and we strive to help see it and our neighbors shine.

No easy button here! Everything we do is done bigger, better, faster than we did yesterday. And there’s no slowing us down!

Delta Defense Awards

We Fiercely Defend Our Values because they never fail us.

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Delta Defense is an Equal Opportunity Employer

WE Believe in Our mission

The mission of Delta Defense and the USCCA is to Educate
10,000,000 gun owners. Legally Protect 1,000,000
USCCA Members, Stop 20,000 Crimes and Save 1,000
Lives by 2022.

WE Live the 5 H’s

We are Honest, Humble, Happy, Hungry and Healthy...

WE Roll Sh*t Uphill

If something is wrong or bothering us, we MUST roll it
uphill to a manager. No negative sideways talk and no
negative downstream talk!

WE Grow or Die

We believe that people and businesses are either
growing or regressing. Growth results from embracing

WE Get Sh*t Done, because...
The Fast Eat the Slow

We execute rapidly, systematically, decisively and
fearlessly. We hold each other responsible to achieve
our goals.

You bring the passion. We’ll teach the skills. See a day in the life of:

What Does Delta Defense Do?

Delta Defense is the private company that provides marketing, operations and customer care services to the uscca, A MEMBERSHIP ORGANIZATION THAT PROVIDES:

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We educate our USCCA members and subscribers through our weekly newsletter, real-life video series, a robust blog, and our award-winning publication, Concealed Carry Magazine

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Delta Defense powers the fastest-growing firearms training cadre in the country, who prepare responsible citizens to safely and legally carry a gun.

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Legal Protection

The best self-defense legal protection benefit in America: we arm our members with the ultimate peace-of-mind and complete protection through financial support and legal defense.


OVER 325,000+

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We are in West Bend.